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Lovely Sexy Aunty SLD-003

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  • Lovely  Sexy Aunty,
    Color: color8.jpg[1002S]
    Function: [Vibration] [Rotation]
    [Vagina & Ass]
    This product is male masturbation devices , simulation of polymer materials imported from the United States made of plump sexy, production of special fine, white color , giving the feeling of holiness . Touch under the gentle and delicate , flexible full , feeling far better than real skin. Tight narrow and elastic channel , well- designed internal Mans -like structure , so you have not stop feeling ! High-tech breakthroughs, skin, muscle, flexibility , color, body temperature are 100% authentic ! This applies to goods elderly sexual function abate or long-term living without the law an obstacle to men ; couple separated in two places, the strong desire of men , and divorced or single men ; especially recommended to the pursuit of quality life experience for the successful man .
    Dimensions The following figure . An installation.
    Medical Polymer non-toxic materials
    1, the battery is installed correctly ( the product use 4 AA batteries )
    2 , with 75% before use of medical alcohol disinfectant scrub products, products coated with suitable lubricant
    3 , wear a condom on the male genitalia and coated with suitable lubricant
    4 , within the male genitalia into the apparatus until the climax , ejaculation
    5, the male genitals to withdraw from the appliance
    The apparatus for personal use should pay attention to hygiene before and after use ; the equipment cleaning after use , the circuit part and avoid contact with water, to avoid circuit breakdown ; jacket should not with ink and other dirt easily ; collection before the battery box remove the battery , utensils loaded packing box , according to the original location of each collection well placed to prepare for the next use.