Cash On Delivery

Easy Buyer's Guide Now with Cash On Delivery (COD)

Online shopping has now become the most convenient mode of buying items. One big reason is the flexibility of making payments, and this only lets people to shop from any corner of the country he/she is residing. So, whether you wish to shop from your home orworkplace,you can easily get your orders shipped at your specified location and then make the payment. One such reputed online store dealing in adult toys and accessories is Pleasureland that has introduced Cash on Delivery.It has gained huge reputation in Uttar Pradesh for its exceptional products and has also given its users the liberty to shop at their own convenience.

Pleasureland deals in a plethora of high-quality, medically tested, and imported erotic toys. Besides, it deals in lubes, perfumes and lotions that are absolutely skin-friendly. The best part is that there are exciting offers with each and every product it sells.One can, therefore,order any item of his/her choice, avail special discounts and also opt to get the product delivered through Cash on Delivery. If the address specified is correct,the delivery of the product will take place in three business days.

All the products here at Pleasureland are sold throughout India at big cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Amritsar, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and more. Wherever you are, place the order accordingly and specify any pick-up spot as per convenience. In three business days, your order will be shipped. Once you accept it from our delivery man,you pay cash.In other words, you are not required to make any payment in advance.

All our products are shipped in discreet boxes so as to sustain confidentiality.Apart from your name and address, nothing would be written on the box. Our shopping limit to availCash on Delivery is up to ₹ 40,000. So, keep no worries of any instant payment and shop today from Pleasureland from anywhere and at anytime you wish.

100% discreet delivery