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Sex toys have created a buzz all over India. The last 10 years have played a crucial role in triggering the demand like anything. Today, people of different ages and genders are talking about using these toys to bring a change in their physical bonds. So, one store that has stood out amongst thousands in India is our very own, Pleasureland. Being a grand online sex toys store in India, we have made it possible to reach several corners of India and served people coming from all walks of life.  

We brought Pleasureland to life in the year 2017 and since then, we have been getting amazing feedback from all corners of India. Visakhapatnam is one of these locations where the demand for sex toys has been quite high. The demand for sex toys in Visakhapatnam went up so high that our aim to spread sexual wellness all over the country got fulfilled.


Why Purchase Sex Toys in Pleasureland Online?


Pleasureland deals in adult toys in India for everyone. From men and women of all ages to couples of different generations, we have included all sorts of adult products and that too at the best price. Furthermore, our online sex toys store in India has the most professional workforce that ensures to provide quick and quality service at all costs. Hence, one who is willing to buy sex toys in Visakhapatnam online will certainly benefit from shopping here.

The next big reason behind online shopping at Pleasureland is safety. What people first enquire is how secure are the payment modes. In this respect, Pleasureland promises complete transparency as it includes the most well-known and secure modes of payments. So, anyone and everyone can place an order for sex toys in Visakhapatnam from any corner of India here at Pleasureland.



How to Buy Sex Toys in Visakhapatnam from Pleasureland?


There are two simple ways to place an order here at Pleasureland:

1. One way is to go to the website and order directly from there. For this, one needs to follow a few crucial steps that are hassle-free.

2. Another way is to reach the customer care department. On request, the sales executives here will take up the request and place it instantly. During this process, a few crucial details will be verified. Thereafter, the order will be taken for sex toys in India.



What Adult Products are Available at Pleasureland?


Pleasureland is home to over 1200 sex toys in India. These adult toys in India have been divided into several categories and subcategories. This makes it easier to browse and choose the right product.

Take a look:


Female Sex Toys in Visakhapatnam

Women who are looking forward to buying female sex toys in Visakhapatnam through Pleasureland will benefit from shopping under this category.

Sex Toys for Girls

Find here an amazing variety of sex toys for females. The collection here is huge as it ranges from non-vibrators to vibrators, glass dildos to sex machines, vibrating massagers to vibrating underwear, and more.

Accessories for Girls

Women will come across accessories like nipple vibrators, steel rings, silicone breast prosthesis, breast silicone bra and pad, and more.

Needs for Girls

Ladies will get all sorts of essential adult sex products. Some of these products include pussy pumps, artificial hymen, breast enlargement creams, etc.


Male Sex Toys in Visakhapatnam

This category unlocks the most fascinating collection of adult toys in India. Besides, there are needy products that men would prefer having to enhance their sex life.

Sex Toys for Boys

If men are willing to enjoy self-pleasure, nothing would stand in comparison to the type of masturbators and male strokers among the sex toys for males. Also, the sex dolls are among the noteworthy additions to our collection of male sex toys in Visakhapatnam.

Needs for Boys

Who said there are no essential male sex toys? We have an outstanding collection that includes everything from penis sleeves, enlarger devices to penis rings, sex kits, and more. These needy toys for men in Visakhapatnam play a big role in bringing optimism to one’s sex life.


Couple Sex Toys in Visakhapatnam

Good news for all those partners who have been planning to bring new changes to their sex life. Accordingly, we have brought an outstanding range of Couple sex toys in Visakhapatnam. Our range of couple sex toys in Visakhapatnam includes strap-on anal dildos, toy cleaners, anal beads, butt plugs, etc. All these couple sex toys in Visakhapatnam are excellent in quality and aim at bettering the sexual bonds between partners.


Party Sex Toys in Visakhapatnam

Pleasureland brings a stunning collection of party sex toys in Visakhapatnam. These toys are quite trendy and assure to double the entertainment of partners at the same time. Our party sex toys in Visakhapatnam include chastity lock, handcuffs, leather whip, sex swing, and more. Besides, the pheromone attractants and erotic fragrances aim at alluring partners towards one another.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Visakhapatnam

This is an exclusive sub-category in our website on behalf of Pleasureland. Here men and couples will come across products like arousal gels and lubes. All these are composed of natural ingredients, which adds not only safety but also strengthens one’s power to get naughtier and more erotic.

Among the hottest picks are the delay sprays and Thai herbal massage oil. Even the coffee packs for enhancing sexual urge along with the sex drops are worth considering in this section. Having made of the safest ingredients, these are good and safe enough to trigger one’s libido to a good extent. 


Long-Distance Sex Toys in Visakhapatnam

Pleasureland does not end here with its list of sex toys in Visakhapatnam. It has got app control vibrators that come equipped with exceptional features to connect with one’s partner miles away. These compact vibrators need the support of Bluetooth along with a smartphone application.



Top Cities where we Responded Well


Pleasureland has traced the paths of almost all cities in India. But of these, there are some cities where the impact was simply brilliant. Have a look at these:



The surge in the need for sex toys in Noida was felt with the high asking rate for sex machines and rabbit vibrators. Here girls were found to have more curious voices in knowing the importance of these adult sex toys. These female sex toys in Noida pulled the curtains up as Pleasureland came up with a massive sales figure. There were other sex toys in Noida for men like spider sower masturbators and male strokers. 

Even the anal dildos clicked up among the couple sex toys in Noida. Also, the app control vibrators got a superb response, especially among couples living far-off distances. Pleasureland was also happy to serve married women between 32 and 45 in providing female sex toys in Noida like electro sex toys and realistic vibrators. Well, the demand for sex toys in Noida is still on the rise and is expected to get a hike in the coming days. Pleasureland predicts to get more visitors in the coming months for buying sex toys in Noida.



Second to Noida was Coimbatore where we experienced a sensational response. People had been quite keen here to try different sex toys in Coimbatore for different purposes. A lot of married men here asked about male strokers and spider sower masturbators among the male sex toys in Coimbatore. These men have shown huge concerns about how to better their sex life. So, these male sex toys in Coimbatore have turned out to be bliss for them.

Women too have sounded quite optimistic, especially on using glass dildos and luxury vibrators among the female sex toys in Coimbatore. Women of almost every age have approached us and we have succeeded in giving them the best products. Pleasureland has done a fantastic job by selling amazing sex toys in Coimbatore at a massive scale. The majority of feedback were for the vibrators and sex dolls among our male and female sex toys in Coimbatore.

A lot of queries came for our anal sex toys in Coimbatore. Even there were a good number of orders for bathmates and penis sleeves for men.



Agra has been one of the hotspots where Pleasureland was able to allure one and all. Be it, married women, single men, or couples, we connected with everyone with our sex toys in Agra. The sales figures for strap-on were quite impressive while there was a good response for pheromone sprays. Plenty of college girls had asked for G-spot vibrators among the female sex toys in Agra. Among the other sex toys in Agra, the demand for inflatable love dolls was quite high. 

Among the sex toys in Agra for couples, the demand for butt plugs was noteworthy. Pleasureland was also happy to meet several sexual challenges in people of different ages with sex toys in Agra like male strokers and cock rings. The need for sex toys in Agra is predicted to go higher in the coming days as per Pleasureland.


Other Cities Where We Served

Apart from these locations, we got maximum orders from Delhi. Realistic vibrators were among the most popular sex toys in Delhi. On the other hand, there were penis enlarger devices among the male sex toys in Mumbai which garnered a good deal of attention. 

The City of Joy was also in our list of locations that drew users in good numbers. It was the non-realistic vibrator among the sex toys in Kolkata that got an incredible response. Chennai too was one of our service areas where we were able to sell app control vibrators. These couple sex toys in Chennai have gained immense popularity in the last 5 months. Last but not least was Noida where glass dildos and silicone dolls were sold in the highest numbers. The sex toys in Noida are still in high demand and would continue to go up in the coming days.

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