Secure payment

Shopping at Pleasureland involves no hassles because there are several easy-going payment methods,which customers can avail online. Have a look:

Cash on Delivery – The demand of online shopping is now on the rise, and one of the reasons behind it is Cash on Delivery. Customers here can avail this option to pay cash later for the product they have ordered. After they receive the order, they will have to pay the amount in cash to the delivery representative. With such a convenient payment method, the necessity of making instant payment through a debit or credit card is eliminated.

Direct Bank Deposit – In this method, one can directly transfer funds to the bank account. This eliminates the use of paper checks that are rather quite time-taking.

Debit/Credit Card – This is one of the most common methods of making a payment. Whether you are shopping from home or anywhere, you just need to swipe inyour debit or credit card to make the payment.

Paytm–It is a very convenient mode of making payments as it involves an electronic medium. This payment method does not take time and is quite reliable. Paytm services are available all throughout India.

NEFT – National Electronic Fund Transfer is another payment mode that involves fund transfer electronically.To avail this, you must have a bank account while the onewho will be receiving the money from you must also have an account with such a bank that facilitates NEFT.Smartphone users will find this option handyand can process payments from anywhere and anytime.

IMPS – IMPS is counted among the swift payment modes. Here, the funds are transferred electronically in no timeby means of smartphones.Where NEFT takes a few hours to transfer the funds, IMPS does it in seconds.