Mini Love Roller (Premium) MLR-002


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  • Explore the world of love, lust and creativity now with this Mini Love Roller from the Premium series.
    Cut from super quality foam of 4-inch density, this erotic piece of furniture is just too good in various
    aspects, be it comfort, strength, design or functionality. The seductive postures which you have been
    craving for since a long time will now be executed on this little sex couch. Forget all fears of having back pain as this Mini Love Roller will instead keep you relaxed. So, without much delay, go for this Mini Love Roller today at the cheapest rate online. Choose any colour for this product amongst Red, Lime, Orange, White and Yellow.

    Product: Mini Love Roller (Premium) MLR-002

    Category: Lovemaking Furniture

    Material: 4-inch density foam

    Colour: Red, Lime, Orange, White and Yellow

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